The Family Farm


After moving back to the United States from Okinawa, Japan, my family embarked on one of our most epic, spontaneous adventures yet, and we BOUGHT A FARM!  Technically, we purchased a huge, roughly 80 acre, piece of land with no buildings or utilities at all.  From the ground up, we built a beautiful home and farm, where animals thrive and we fish in the pond, go horseback riding, and gaze up at the clear, starry nights.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this place, and I have developed a special, emotional attachment.  Nothing is better than the fresh air and breathtaking views of my country home.

Check out “The Farm Life: Through the Eyes of a Dog” series for fun, uplifting stories of encounters and adventures on the farm.  These are written through the perspective of my very own brilliant and beautiful dog, Kali.  Enjoy!