Don’t forget your 2×2’s

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And the countdown begins!  Tomorrow morning marks the three week countdown to an adventure filled with new people, foods, and ideas.  I will soon fly out to Denmark to spend Fall semester studying at DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad).  Of course prior to my departure, I have an unending list of documents to print, clothes to buy, and loose ends to tie.  My current objectives include…

  • rent a bike (figure out what size I need first, of course)….and do I know which helmet size to order?
  • order my PicCell phone (It took me a several rounds of research and pondering to decide NOT to use my iPhone as my main cellular device while in Europe.  My iPhone will be perfect for taking picture, emailing, and updating blog posts via wifi, and I couldn’t resist the offer of a free PicCell phone.  They offer free incoming calls and messages from anywhere in the world, and all I have to do is pay for the few messages and calls that I make myself.)
  • order passport size photos for IDs in Denmark (I spontaneously ran into a CVS, and low-and-behold, they sold passport-size photos.  I only managed to get two, though, so I might just possibly have to make another CVS or Walgreen’s pit stop.  Or maybe I could make some photos myself?)
  • sign up for some more weekend and day trips (I’ve been saving money all summer to take advantage of the unique trips that DIS has to offer.  I’ve already signed up for Beer Tasting!  I still want to check into the sailing and biking trips, as well as Legoland and the Lübeck Christmas Market.)
  • buy Bon Iver tickets (if they haven’t sold out yet)
  • find nice leather boots to take to Denmark (any suggestions?)
  • find other cold weather clothing (especially the kind that you can layer, such as sweaters, light jackets, leather jackets, etc)
  • apply to be a DIS blogger (This would definitely be a great experience and allow me to reach a wider audience.  I know that I relied on the DIS sponsored blogs for advice and inspiration while choosing my DIS courses and living situation.  I would love to help out those preparing for upcoming semesters at DIS!)
  • whatever else comes to mind…

This list is just a taste of everything I have to complete.  On top of all this, I’m studying for the DAT (which I’ll take before I leave for Denmark) and trying to complete all my dental school applications.  Needless to say, these next three weeks will be super busy, but as each minute passes by, I’m getting more and more excited!!


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