From the Eyes of the Farm: Welcome to the Farm Life

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This is the Life…the Farm Life

Hello my fellow human friends.  My name is Kali, and I am the fortunate overseer of the majestic and rich Bailey Farm.  Nothing, and I really mean nothing, is better than treading over the land, paws sinking within the first few layers of young grass and clay soil, smelling the fresh, crisp air, tracking the wild bunnies and squirrels.  This is my life, and I love it.  Yes, this is the dog’s life.

I believe I shall begin with the introduction of the farm family.  My humans are so kind and generous, and I love them.  I am their protector, and in return, they reward me with lamb kibbles, salmon bites, crunchy toast, and on occasion, warm fried eggs.  It’s not that I wouldn’t love and protect them without all those fancy treats, but that definitely sweetens the relationship.  My first and foremost human is Bri, a young and intelligent college student, who is diligent with her work for sure, but she is never too busy for an adventure.  I am always there for her, as she is for me.  I am just as loyal to her younger sister (and my aunt) D, an equally brilliant human.  And then I have the two grandparents, Becky and Jeff.  Without their support, I definitely wouldn’t be the happy dog I am today.  Becky is a veterinarian, so she keeps the lice, ticks, and awful diseases away from me.  Jeff has the heart of a young boy, and he is always there to play.  My family is perfect.

I’m not the only dog reigning this land, mind you.  I have two accomplices, Emi and Ally.  I guess they have seniority because they’ve lived here longer than I have, but through my eyes, we are all partners in crime.

To formally initiate you to life on a farm, I bear a special story, one you shall always remember when you read my name.  This story will be the beginning of our adventures together, the first of many stories to come.  And we begin…

Once Upon a Time…

scratch that…too fairytale for my taste.  This is real life happening here.

The wind pulled against my fur.  My whiskers plastered against my nose.  I think this is the fastest that I’ve ever run before.  Bri and D are clocking it, I can tell.  The 4-wheeler sounds as if it has reached its maximum for this gear.  It’s gear 4.  I’ve heard three shifts.  And I’m not even tired!  I could keep running forever and ever.  All the way to the south gate of our land.  Bri and D are smiling and laughing.  Yes, this is the fastest I’ve ever run before, and it feels good.

But wait.  What’s that noise, that snarl?  Not Emi.  Not Ally.  This is a foreigner.  And it sounds like this strange creature is among those we want to keep out.  An intruder.  I quickly change course and head towards the creek side edge, the one covered with thick brush and spiked weeds.  I see Emi and Ally have the same intentions in mind.  They are 10 lengths behind my tail in a matter of seconds.  The sheep guardian, Chip, is sounding the alarm.  His fierce voice elicits fear in even the most courageous of enemies.  Bri and D are calling my name, most likely wondering what mess I’m getting into.  Oh they will appreciate this mission.  My name is on that new rawhide in the kitchen.  Focus, Kali, focus.  The creek side is silent, eery almost, but that doesn’t phase me. Crackle, swoosh.  I shift my gaze towards the noise.  A wretched smell fills my nose.  And then I see him.  Scraggly and disheveled.  This, my friends, was a sheep thief.  The humans call him The Coyote.  Oh, Mr. Coyote, what a mistake you have made!  Nothing trespasses on my land and leaves unscathed.  He snarled at me.  I bared my large, white canines.  Grrrrrrr.  Two more threats came from behind me.  Emi and Ally have joined my front.  This coyote would learn his lesson.  He growled louder this time, but I could sense his hesitation, his fear.  He leaned forward on his haunches, preparing to attack.  Ally predicted his move, launching at him at full speed.  Ally’s strength knocked the coyote into the bristle bush behind him, entangling him in nature’s most avoided trap.  We snarled at him, laughing at his ignorance.  He managed to struggle free, not without several battle wounds and scratches, of course.  And he raced away, yelping.  Goodbye, Mr. Coyote.  You will never make the mistake of passing into this land again.  Never again.

I did end up getting that raw hide after I returned to the house.  I’m not sure if Bri or D realized that I prevented an intruder attack, but at least I got the raw hide.  To keep things fair, Emi and Ally got hides too.  We all deserved them.  We protected our farm.

From the Eyes of the Farm.



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